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Software House is present in Poland, Poznan and whole Europe. We are everywhere you need us. We have a long experience in creation of even the most demanding and complex business projects, providing reliable IT tools. Creating mobile and web apps is our job and passion.



Our customers


Simply and clearly

 Creating software at the highest quality adjusted to your business needs is the most

important thing for us. We are operating according to clear rules, which allows you

to control whole process of app creation at every step.

arrow Dedicated communication channel

During whole time of app creation process, we are in touch with you. We are using traditional ways for that as well as dedicated communication channels prepared for you projects


arrow Regular reports


arrow Simple and clear process



 Our team has high competences and skills, but your trust is also important to us.

Satisfaction of our client is the most important thing for us!

arrow Regularne spotkania

 During the creation of apps for Android and other platforms, we will be in touch with you whole time. We provide regular meetings during which you will find out of our current progress on projects as well as submitt your comments.



arrow Trial period

 You can test the competences of our team for free before you will make a final decision about

using our services. Verify our knowledge and experience!

arrow Risk of workers fluctuation

 Do you need a programmer? You can avoid a risk of fluctuation of workers thanks to cooperation with us. Our team is stable and consists of high-class developers who have been working for us for many years.

arrow Management and time of reaction





arrow Confidentiality agreement

 With every customer we sign a confidentiality agreement. Thank to that you are certain

that any confidential informations regarding your business and software will not be disclosed.

arrow Regular back-ups

W celu zapewnienia jak największego bezpieczeńsIn order to assure the highest level of safety, we provide regular backups..

arrow Ownership of code

 Code written by our programmers becomes the own property of contracting authority.

That is a huge advantage of dedicated software, because customer can make any changes in the code in the future.

Quality of work

We provide professional approach to creating web and mobile apps. We have an expert team with long experience and methodes of works which have been proven in practice.

arrow Agile model


arrow Code review & QA

 Before the inplementation we are conducting a complex code quality control, so we can

provide the highest quality of created app. Thanks to this it would be fulfilling all of customer’s needs.

arrow Adjusting to the world trends

In our work and our software we are using current world trends and latest technologies. Thanks to that you can be sure that your software is modern.


Ostatnie zrealizowane projekty

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