Programmers outsourcing

If you need a programmer, use our outsourcing service. We deliver the best programming experts in different code languages and technologies. You don’t have to waste time on recruiting and checking competences of candidates anymore!

We are offering outsourcing in the fields of :

Outsourcing of IT projects

We will make a complex IT project for your business- from analysis to designing an app as well as the implementation and post implemenentation customer care. Check for yourself now!

Outsourcing of IT specialists

Do you need a programmer? You don’t need to search any longer! We are hiring out our IT specialist and even whole design teams. We have prepared flexible solutions. Chose the best option for your business!

Management of business applications in IT environment

We deliver the services of complex management of your business apps, we deliver the tech support and keeping the apps avaibable, we take the responsibility of their security.

Do you need an experienced IT specialist ?
Contact us!

Outsourcing of IT experts and teams (Talent&Team Leasing)

Check our IT specialist outsourcing servics and get acess to the best experts in the whole industry! We also can hire whole design teams. We would adjust our outsourcing offer to your business needs. 

We havea professional experience in IT industry and our team consists of best IT experts. They can work at your company office or do their commissions directly from our bureau. We can also help you in the recruiting process of programmers and other IT specialists. 

Contact us today and see how we can support your business. The sucess of every company is based on the ideas of special people. We deliver them!  

We offer a professional IT outsourcing, among the others we have experts like:

  • Programmers
  • Consultants
  • Business Analitycs
  • macOS Admins
  • Technical Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Testers

Outsourcing of IT projects

Thanks to our services you would be able to implement even the most complex and demanding IT projects. We are analyzing needs of your company, we are creating the apps and running dedicated software. We also provide post implementation customer care. 

Our IT experts will be a tech support of your team, they can also conduct training courses.Dedicated programmerswill take care ofyour projects regardless of its implementation phase. 

Check why our customers are so open to cooperation with us. Our priorities are: high software quality, effectiveness of actions and we are using tested methods of projects management (Agile).  

We offer a support in delivering such solutions as:

  • Portal systems
  • Web portals
  • Online shops
  • Mobile apps
  • Dedicated solutions

Management of business apps in IT environment

Are you interested in security and stabilityof your business apps and IT infrastructure? What’s more we are doing maintenance of works within IT environment. 

Contact us today! Specially for you, we will prepare custom set of services, we will choose the right IT specialists and as well as we will start managingyour apps. We provide their monitoring, maintenance and optimalisation.

Constant availability and reliability of business apps and critical systems at your company are extremly important for us. bezawaryjne We would assure you of their safety and efficacy. See why it is a good idea to work with us! 

Within the managed services we will take care of your:

  • Applications
  • Databases
  • Portal systems

Pros of bodyleasing

If you are lookking out for a programmer or IT specialist, use the services of our professional team. Our Software House Poznan will deliver you proper team of developers. Why it is worth to try that kind of service?

Low costs of worker salary

Composition of workers team is adjusted to the projects needs

You can be certain of the expert skills

Payment for finished and high quality product

Quick hiring of specialist for project

Employer saves time spend on seeking for and training of worker

Available specialists

Within our offer we have a wide range of experts, with different kinds of experience and speciality.

Do you need an expert?

Contact us! sp. z o. o.

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